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These are some of the book reviews by purchasers of the book launch in 2021
(March-September 2021)


'WOW! Excellent!'
Brian D | London

'Where do I get a raspberry pi?'
Jane M | Surrey

'I like the Python code pages, its easy for me'
Henry P | Surrey

'Its very colourful for a computer coding book!'
Janet E (parent) | West London

'The pictures make it lot easier to follow than other coding books...'
Brian (parent) | Central London

'Its really useful to refer to in class.. the 'live' links are a real time-saver..!'
Grant W (teacher) | South London

'I buy a lot of educational books, this looks both fun and informative...'
Chris S (book shop owner) | Hampshire

'I bought it for my son, he is into computing... he likes it!'
Lucy (parent) | North London

'Its not really just a children's book, the python code is really good starter...'
Harold J | (Milton Keynes)

'I don't understand any of it yet!, but I am learning how to do it..!
Jim C (Isle-of Wight)

'You put a lot of work into this!, thanks for the help tips'

...and many other children who bought the book at a Coding Club* meet.


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Thanks to you all.
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Designed for small computers such as the raspberry pi. Can also be used on any modern laptop and works on Mac, Windows and Chromebooks + raspberry pi mini computers!

Lets Get Coding book is designed to inspire children to code letsgetcodingbook.co.uk